We Help Small, and Mid-Size Employers Manage Their Cybersecurity Risk and Data Compliance Obligations

Cybersecurity threats are very real concerns for companies of all sizes. While cyber-attacks targeting major retailers and banks often make headlines, attacks targeting small and mid-size employers are far more common. Hackers and data thieves exploit vulnerabilities in these companies’ cybersecurity protocols and then steal their employees’ data before anyone at the company realizes what is happening.

We help small and mid-size employers manage their cybersecurity risk. We also help them manage all aspects of data compliance. Companies have data compliance obligations at the state and federal levels. Crucially, however, while data compliance is a key aspect of cybersecurity risk management, companies will often need to go above and beyond what the government requires in order to ensure that their employees’ data are secure.

Cybersecurity Risk Management and Data Compliance

Regardless of a company’s size, it needs to prioritize cybersecurity risk management. While some data protection laws only apply to employers of a certain size, all companies face risks that they must proactively manage. Once hackers or data thieves gain access to employees’ personally identifying information (PII), the damage cannot be undone, and companies can face substantial liability in both private civil litigation and government enforcement proceedings.

We offer several services to help our clients manage these risks, including:

Employee Data Mapping and Management

Companies need to know where their employees’ data are stored at all times. They also need to know who can access their employees’ data and ensure that adequate safeguards are in place. We help our clients manage all aspects of employee data mapping and management.

Procurement and Contract Negotiations

We also help our clients with procurement and contract negotiations. Whether your company utilizes a cloud server and off-the-shelf security software or works with a managed services provider, you need to know that your company is choosing trustworthy vendors and has all the necessary contractual protections.

Cybersecurity and Data Compliance Policies and Procedures

Effectively managing cybersecurity risk and data compliance requires implementing carefully drafted and custom-tailored policies and procedures. We work closely with our clients to provide policies and procedures that fully address their unique needs.

Breach Response and Notification Protocols

In the event of a cybersecurity breach, a prompt and effective response is crucial. Companies need to have response protocols in place that they can execute at a moment’s notice, and they must have legally compliant notification protocols in place as well. We develop these protocols for our clients as part of developing their cybersecurity and data compliance policies and procedures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intervention

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes widespread, companies will face the very real risk of vulnerabilities and intrusions both created and executed by AI. Now is the time to begin preparing for these risks, as companies must be able to show that they have taken proactive steps to protect their employees’ data when faced with litigation.